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March 18, 2009, 3:26 pm
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Hi everyone. This is Fran, Nick’s wife, updating you on preparations for his adventure. For this trip, Nick had to purchase a GPS. From the “Set Up and Go” mannual, p. 4, step 3, “Acquire Satellites” section; before the Nuvi portable GPS navigator can find your current location and navigate a route, you must do the following: 1. Go outdoors to and open area, away from tall buildings and trees, and, 2. turn on the Nuvi. Acquiring satellites can take a few minutes … but as you can see from the photo, Nick has accomplished his goal. He said it was harder than a 2-foot putt! 

The Happy Golfer is ready to hit the road

The Happy Golfer is ready to hit the road





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Nick: On this, the eve of your journey, I want to impart to you these wise words… “It takes longer to learn to be a good golfer than it does to become a brain surgeon. On the other hand, you don’t get to ride around on a cart, drink beer and eat hot dogs if you are performing brain surgery!” Best of luck to you, Nick, and know that your fellow naturalists will miss you (not to mention the kids). Go get ’em!

Natalie Gagnon

Comment by Natalie Gagnon

By the looks of it, I think I may be one of the first to post on your page. Somewhere in your journey I would be happy to join you for a round of golf. Currently I live in San Diego and work as a golf instructor. The game is given so much to me over the years especially many wonderful friends. Like many others, thanks to a little inspiration from reading your son’s book I too found a passion in running. To show my appreciation, anything I can do for Dean and his family would be an honor. Please keep me posted about your schedule and should it work out, I’ll invite my good friend Lee Elder to join us. Play well!!

Comment by Michael Gainey

Mr. K, I can’t wait to hear of your adventure! My clubs were stolen out of my garage last year and I haven’t played since. That’s a lesson for the other golfers out there. Don’t leave your clubs in the garage, and then leave the garage door open! Mine were stolen in the middle of the day!

Good luck Mr. K.!

Comment by Spurgeon Hendrick

What a great idea! Good luck…will be following you every day…

Comment by Jim Seleno

Sounds like a great time. My wife would kill me if I tried that.

Comment by Eric

I think it’s pretty funny that your son thinks you’re the crazy one for playing golf in Death Valley. I run and golf and would love to do 18 with you when you’re in AZ.

Comment by Pat Monahan

I look forward to following your progress. When do you anticipate playing in Indiana?

Comment by Tobes

Hi – this is Nick’s blog helper. You can track his schedule at the “Where is Nick” blogroll link on the left side of his blog. His schedule may change, so please check back on or nearer the day he is set to be in your area. You can also directly to this page at:

Thanks for your interest and support!

Comment by happygolfer

Good luck on this great expedition! I look forward to watching your journey via the website. Hope you have safe travels, and of course that you enjoy some great golf shots on a daily basis.

See you in Chicago!

Comment by Jami Brighty

Interesting Read! Very detailed blog.
Thanks for sharing

Comment by rosalinda

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