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The three most important inventions of all time
April 2, 2009, 11:17 am
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The Happy Golfer and his wife, Fran

The Happy Golfer and his wife, Fran

A post from Fran, The Happy Golfer’s wife:

Speaking with Nick on Wednesday evening, I received an update. He’s under strict instructions from me regarding not eating fast foods, so he took a side trip to Walmart in Amarillo, Texas to grocery shop. Having completed seven states and 14 rounds in just 11 days, he is currently heading toward Wichita, Kansas.


His last round had been played at Lake Hefner, Oklahoma, playing with Callaway pros John and Pat, who both gave him valuable playing lessons. Lake Hefner Golf Course has the distinction of being the most played course in the state. All the cars in the parking lot, as well as all the golfers, were garbed in “Go Sooners” logos.


Here’s some wisdom according to Nick. The three most important inventions of all time have been: the wheel, cruise control (in 2,000 miles, he’s used it for all except 30 miles,) and his Callaway FT-9 Driver!


The professional at Belmar, in Norman, Oklahoma, gave Nick still another Callaway hat after they chased his down the fairway and rescued it from blowing into a lake. At Ross Rogers Course in Amarillo, Nick shot 76, had three birdies and two double bogies. This is quite a feat, since he had played 36 holes in one day in both Amarillo and Oklahoma. While there are campgrounds everywhere, golf courses are a lot harder to find.


Finally, a little backtracking … while playing in Durango, Colorado with golfers Henry and Carlos, Nick was offered some jerky to chew on. Accepting, he was surprised to learn that the jerky was elk, and that Carlos had shot it and cured it himself. A bit of the Wild West?


Thanks to everyone for your notes and comments; it makes The Happy Golfer even happier. 


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Hi Nick and Fran,
Fran you are doing an amazing job at keeping us informed. Nick, stay safe and stay away from the fast food! Have fun.
Stephanie from Inside the Outdoors

Comment by Stephanie Smith

Hi Nick,
When I grow up I want to be just like you (only, I would still prefer to be a girl! Ha Ha). You are such an inspiration to us all – a real “go for it” kind of person. We all miss you here at work, but the kids are the ones who are missing out on you!
Have fun, be safe and just know that we love you!
Happy trails,

Comment by Janine Petersen

Hi Nick,
We can see you are in Memphis now. We, here in Belgium want to wish you a very happy birthday.
Enjoy your birthday 8/4 and enjoy your trip.
The Broeckx family.

Comment by Sonja Hendrickx

Nick, Enjoyed playing the back 9 with you at the Forrest City Country Club on April 10th. Good luck on the rest of your adventure. Ron K……..
p.s. your schedule showed Forrest City in Tennessee, it should say Arkansas!!!!!!!

Comment by Ron Killingsworth

Thanks for the message and note on the state, Ron. It’s fixed!

Comment by happygolfer

4/30 Hello Nick—-Jime and I are following all of your moves—-what a great time you are having!!!Have a large map spread out on our dining table—-we’re following you!!! Have a good time—stay safe Stella and Jim

Comment by nick

5/13 Hi Nick,
You are amazing! John’s sister, Joan, sent me the article in the O C Register. What a crazy, wonderful thing you are doing. I’ll be following your progress via this website. Tell Fran hello. Maybe if you get to No. Calif I can come and watch you. I have finally gotten around to taking some golf lessons. I have been playing a little bit and decided I didn’t want to continue to embarrass myself! You take care and happy golfing!


Comment by Jan Bellavia

Hey, Nick and Fran. Nick, Happy Birthday! Thanks for the updates and for the smiles.

Comment by Lori Kiesser

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