The Happy Golfer

Bird hazard does not deter The Happy Golfer
April 4, 2009, 9:48 pm
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From Wichita, Kansas:  The Happy Golfer found himself alone in the parking lot of Sim Park Golf Course today; cold rain was falling, and it seemed like all of the Canadian geese – trying to get home to Canada – were resting on the fairways. By 11 a.m., Nick was able to tee off. The geese became the first hazard encountered. Being a field naturalist for Inside the Outdoors in Orange County, Calif., Nick understood that this was simply part of migration – an animal’s journey to another region due to changes in the seasons. But does the term “scat” sound familiar? White droppings were falling everywhere.

This part of the adventure turned out well, however. The sun came out and it became the best weather The Happy Golfer has played in so far. Propane in the Winnebago View was running low; the furnace had been running full blast each night, so Nick found a KOA and was prepared to settle in for the night. Alas, their propane truck had already departed! Following the campground host’s advice, he drove on, found his propane and decided to stay right there, in a Walmart parking lot. Then it was on to Missouri and the promise of sunshine before the next storm. Nick has done his laundry and grocery shopping, and perhaps he’ll play 36 holes the next day and avert the rainstorms predicted to arrive later in the week. Look out Kentucky, here he comes!


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Sending you sunshine and good weather from Southern California…
We are SO, SO proud of you!
Richard, Laura, Hank and Preston

Comment by The Richard Lee Family


Heard about this incredible adventure…have fun, travel safe and please touch base when you arrive in the Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio area!!!!

Pete & Annette are on their return journey from Florida so should be home soon.

Love ya,

Comment by Tia

IM so proud of you! You are a dream catcher,,, thats what you are!
Lots of good energy your way,

Comment by sama

YAY NICK!!!!! Sounds like your off to a great start! You are definitely missed @ ITO! Have lots of fun! We’ll see you when you get back!

Comment by Keri C.

I’m really disappointed that I’m not going to be able to meet-up with you somewhere along your grand adventure. I’ve looked at your route and Cadiz, KY, was the closest at approximately 3 1/2 hours, Chicago 4 1/2 to 5 hours, northern Indiana 5 hours. I’m in central Illinois and with the travel time and my schedule it’s just not going to happen. Dang!

We met briefly on 12/12/06 during Dean’s “Home Run”. I didn’t get to talk to you much that day as I was running with Dean for 17-18 miles but my wife enjoyed talking with you. You signed my copy of Ultramarathon Man on “your page” and wrote “…keep playing golf.” Thanks for signing my book.

I have been following Dean’s Runner’s World blog daily since it began over two years ago and have enjoyed checking in on the “Happy Golfer” as well. Mrs. K you are doing an excellent job with the updates/posts and know that your guest appearances on Dean’s blog are always welcome. Nick, enjoy the adventure as well as the golf.

Gotta go, need my sleep, preparing for my second full marathon this Saturday, 4/11 (Illinois Marathon).

God bless & may the Son always shine on you.


Comment by Roger Hill

Just finished playing a round in Palm Desert with 80 degree temp.Watching your progress on your web.Stay Healthy,Happy and shoot good scores.
Your budddy Ron,

Comment by Ron Matthews

I am so glad to see that here at ITO we make a difference in the lives or our students as well as our staff. Good job!


Comment by Stephanie Smith

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