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Karnazes family reunion, no more fuzzy chicken
April 23, 2009, 10:20 pm
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I had a great Karnazes reunion on April 21 in Charlotte, North Carolina. I spent the day with cousins Nick A. Karnazes, George Karnazes and others from the Karnazes family for golf, Greek food, card playing, Greek food, reminiscing about Greece and more Greek food. I first met Nick A. during Dean’s Endurance 50. It was actually Dean who brought us together; Nick had come to his book signing. This was the first visit with the others in the family.

The golf is going great; lots of birdies on gorgeous lush green courses. I am playing the River Course at Virginia Tech tomorrow and will be camping out next to the clubhouse tonight in anticipation. From there, I’m off to Lewisburg,West Virginia, to play on April 25, and then to Wintergreen Resort, off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. After 30 days of pizza and packaged salads in the Winnebago View, I was ready for some real food! In fact, I had called Fran the night before and asked her why the chicken in my salad looked all fuzzy, like it had spider webs on it. I’d only had it five days. What I didn’t think about was that, sleeping in Walmart parking lots, the refrigerator wasn’t on and it had been really hot. Uh, oh! 

Sunday, I’m scheduled to play Cacapon in Berkeley, West Virginia. It’s easy to veer between states in this part of the country, unlike the vast West where I live. My surprise visitor’s identity will be revealed then … check back in with me.

Also, tune in to San Diego Competitor Radio Station Might XX 1090AM on Sunday night at 8 p.m. California time; I’ll be chatting with Bob Babbitt about my ongoing adventure.

Thanks everyone for the wishes and messages. Keep happy.

The Happy Golfer is nearly a third of the way through his journey!

The Happy Golfer is nearly a third of the way through his journey!


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We’re so happy you had quality time with cousins. Sounds like a great time. Looking forward to seeing you here in May.

Comment by Cousin Leo

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