The Happy Golfer

An abbreviated state of mind means ur n MT
June 17, 2009, 6:36 pm
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Everything today is abbreviated. The states are now identified by only two letters; kids text in a form of shorthand using numbers instead of letters, or one letter instead of the word. An example is the word fore, abbreviated into 4, or UR meaning you are.

The Happy Golfer has come up with his own abbreviations in golf terminology:  pr for par, pt for putt, bo is bogie, while br is birdie. Sb means should be, la is la la land, adj. is adjusted score.

That all brings us to Bil (Billings) MT (Montana ) ap (airport) 1:42 Mountain Time, coming down the stairs was my beautiful wife, Fran. I was standing there with roses and chocolates, a grin on my face. From now on it will be THG (The Happy Golfer) and WW (with wife!)

 On the way to Idaho, stopped at BOZ (Bozeman) HS (hot springs) to soak before the long journey to ID.  A first on this trip: two days with no golf, just traveling the gorgeous northwestern United States. Loving this trip, THG WW.


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