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A Trip Within A Trip
June 22, 2009, 2:23 pm
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Well, the news is official; The Happy Golfer and wife went to Chicago to view the Gabby (Greek American Best & Brightest Stars) Awards. Our son Dean won in the category of athletes! More on that later in this post …

First, Nick’s news: “What am I doing?” I ask myself about 10-12 times during each round that I play. (Not counting when I finally reach the green.) As this is written, I am at 32,000 feet, flying from Spokane, Washington to Chicago. Wait just a minute; I have already played my two rounds in Illinois. Actually, three rounds in four days, but who’s counting?

I didn’t need my golf shoes for the next two days. Our son Dean was up for a Gabby award in Chicago, and he wanted us there. We got to see all of our cousins, including bride-to-be Lainie, from Chicago. From my plane, it’s beautiful looking outside at the puffy white clouds. Thanks to George Savakis for letting us use your spiti, (Greek for house.) Thanks, also, to Ted and Loie Davis. Ted is a friend from high school who put us up while in Spokane, and shared the wonderful entertainment when we sat in on a practice session of Ted’s a cappella chorus and his barbershop quartet. 

Now, it’s on to Oregon to play with dear friend Robin, in Bend. Then it’s back to California where friends Jim and Al will meet up with me to play those last two rounds. It’s not over until it’s over. We will head to Auburn to catch up with Dean, who is running the Western States 100 Mile Race June 27-28 to earn another silver buckle and to bring grandchildren Lexy and Nicholas home to San Clemente with us. 

I will never forget all the wonderful people and experiences along my journey. It was truly an adventure, and I intend to recreate it again. Thanks to all the courses that comped me, all the Walmarts that accommodated me, and all the friends who support my endeavor.

Stay tuned, there’s much more to come…

 The Happy Golfer


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Good Grief!! You and Dean should have run the courses. Great stuff….Best regards, Rick

Comment by Rick Schmidt

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