The Happy Golfer

Eat. Sleep. Drive. Play Golf. Repeat.

“Can this be accomplished? I don’t know. I do know I love RV travel and have this great passion for golf. The greatest game ever.” Nick Karnazes, The Happy Golfer

Nick Karnazes is The Happy Golfer

Nick Karnazes is The Happy Golfer

Obsessed, inspired or just plain crazy? Follow Nick Karnazes in his attempt to play 96 rounds, in 96 days in 48 states.

Some people retire and play a little more golf. As Nick Karnazes heads into his 73rd year, he’s playing a lot more – 96 rounds in 96 days in 48 states, to be precise. He’ll walk every round, too.  The only driving he’ll be doing is with his Callaway FT-9 Driver, plus the 10,000 or so miles he’ll log in his RV going coast-to-coast and back in his Winnebago. Nick’s motto? Eat, Sleep, Drive, Play Golf – Repeat. The Happy Golfer’s journey begins March 22, and Callaway is honored to be along for the adventure.

Beginning March 22, Nick will leave Kingman, Arizona, and set out to do something some call spectacular, others call inspiring and a few say is just plain crazy. Nick has another name for what he does:  He calls himself The Happy Golfer, and he says adventures like this are what keep him young. He plans to spend two days each in 48 states playing one round of golf every day for 96 consecutive days.

Alaska was too far to drive in order to make a tee time, and a Winnebago won’t float to Hawaii. So Nick, who lives in San Clemente, Calif., will tee up in every one of the “Lower 48” states. He says he is pairing his two great passions – golf and RV travel – into the ultimate quest for the pure golfing adventure. Nick will travel coast-to-coast, from Arizona to Oklahoma and Florida to the Carolinas, New York, and back West through Montana, Washington, Oregon and finally back to his home state of California.

Most days he will play 18 holes; some days 36 holes. And he will walk every round. He says he’s heard of other golfers attempting similar feats, but he knows of none who have driven themselves to each location across the country and back.

Perhaps the Karnazes name and “ultra” sound familiar? Karnazes’ son, Dean Karnazes, is known as the Ultramarathon Man. In 2006 Dean ran 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days; he chronicled his quest in the best-selling book “Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner.” It seems doing things to the extreme sort of runs in the family. Nick’s wife, Fran, will meet up with him for part of his quest and is helping with the technical and logistical support.

Nick has been training for many months in preparation for his journey – years perhaps. He says his son, Dean, threatened to lock up his clubs if he ever saw him on a golf cart. So he plays several times a week, walking. Nick and Fran also keep active running 10k races for kicks, and recently, folks have seen him tromping up and down the Southern California coastline with a full bag of golf clubs, building his endurance for the amazing journey ahead.

Nick is a longtime fan of Callaway technology and will have our head-to-toe shot-making science, equipment and accessories along for the ride. He’ll rely on his Callaway Hyperbolic X Footwear to keep him comfortable and a bag of Callaway clubs to help keep him on the straight path to golfing history, or at least golfing infamy.  You can keep tabs on his amazing golf journey here with us.

Good luck, Nick! Callaway is happy and honored to be along on your quest.



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I think this is great! What an inspiration. Wishing you well the whole trip.

Comment by FrankO

I think this is great! What an adventurous trip. I have aspirations to do the same when I retire. It is inspiring to see someone actually do it. Good luck to you Nick!

Comment by Jim Northcutt

Wish I was going along. Good luck.

Comment by Dean Patterson

Nick, I sent this to my retired father. Maybe it will inspire him to get moving.

Good luck and have a blast!

Comment by lcarter15

Hey Nick,

We played with you at Hillcrest Henry and John , the brothers from Durango. Drop one in the hole for us and good luck.

Henry and John Schmier

Comment by John Schmier

Hey Nick,
It was great to meet you at Mt. Anthony. Best of Luck.

Jim Pool

Comment by Jim Pool

Hi Nick..
Thanks for calling us at WBRE TV! Hope you liked the coverage . Your story is great! Happy Golfing!

Comment by Jayne Ann Bugda

Hi, Jayne. Thanks for the note; do you have a link to the story that we can post on the blog? Thanks again.

Comment by happygolfer

Nick, looking forward to seeing both you and Fran in Oregon. What 2 courses are you playing here? Would you have time for an extra round of golf at my country club? Robin

Comment by Robin Schueler

Hi Nick!

I very much enjoyed talking to you at St. Joe Valley Golf course in Centreville, MI. I was telling my boss about you the next day as he is an avid golfer also. I wish you luck with the rest of your journey and most of all , have lots of fun!
Pam McLaughlin

Comment by Pam McLaughlin

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