The Happy Golfer

A great first week!
March 29, 2009, 11:31 pm
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The Happy Golf has completed the first week of his adventure is indeed still happy! Nick has been checking in nightly with his wife, Fran, and everything is going great. He played his first week of daily rounds in Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. He’ll play another round in New Mexico on Monday before heading on to Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. For those who have not found it, check out the link at left under Blogroll and click on “Where is Nick?” to track his daily schedule.

On Friday, March 27, after a snowy night and 18 degree temperatures, Nick played a round in Cortez, Colorado. He had to wait a while for the course to open; the greens were covered with snow in the early morning hours! The water line in the Winnebago View was also frozen, and the windows were covered with frost, but not much deters The Happy Golf. He’s still on schedule to meet his goal of 96 rounds in 96 days.

The Spot is doing its job – at least when Nick remembers to push the button, his wife says – and the technology is keeping his family informed of his latitude and longitude and assuring them that he’s OK.

Nick says he has met many wonderful people along the way in just the first week, including a group of lady golfers who were playing their way across the U.S. The pros at each course have been extremely cordial; one even invited Nick to plug into the clubhouse and spend the night at the course rather than a campground.

He reports that his Callaway clubs, shoes and balls are helping keep his scores low, and says his dapper Callaway outfits will probably start some new trends. Keep up your words of encouragement and join him for a round if you can!